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Longboarding Days & Nights comes back in 2019

Longboarding Days & Nights comes back in 2019

My first longboard race: Kozakov Challenge
by Annina Ninsk Brühwiler

Annina shares her experience of her race with us and how she came to it!

Looking for some sweet skate music? – Spotify Playlists

Music plays a big role within dancing and skating and for most skater its very inspiring and so much pushing!

Xenia Iwanowa’s Summer Days in Innsbruck

Xenia moved last year from Bochum in Germany to Innsbruck in Xenia moved last year from Bochum in Germany to Innsbruck in Austria and she found her perfect new home, and she also has found a perfect skate spot, the Landhausplatz! When Maria of S*pin visited Xenia, both wanted to film a little just as a tryout with the Xenias new Majutsu-S*pin-deck, that Charles of Majutsu has made for her. Arne, Maria’s boyfriend had a leftover song that spontaneously fit pretty well – This is the result, so have a look!

Film / edit: Maria Arndt Music: Arne Ruis

Suzy Choi belongs to the crew that came from South Korea to particpate at the SYCLD 2018!

Mariya Milusheva lives in Munich, but is from Bulgaria and is now sponsored and shows off her skills on her new deck!

Yuna Kang from South Korea, made it possible to participate for the first time the SYCLD in Eindhoven and made it to the 2nd place at the women podium and almost to the G-Turn podium! S*pin actually wished to see her skating there for the past two years! So.. dreams come true!

Floortje van Rijbroek skates her home spot the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven on SYCLD’s Friday!

Alana Martens skates her personal home spot the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven on SYCLD’s Friday!

So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2018 Women Compilation

This years SYCLD was insane, full of happy faces and stoke for dancing from all over the globe! Check out some incredible skills of the women of SYCLD 2018! Featuring Alana Martens, Floortje van Rijbroek, Mariya Milusheva,, Yuna Kang, Deborah Keser, Josefine Waldthaler, Isabell Blume, Hyojin Kim, Park sang jeong, Soibin lee, Suzy Choi, Kate Voynova, Xenia Iwanowa, Katarzyna Hajdan!

The first contest by Ophel – La Grise Ride 2

Ophel gives us an insight of her first time participating in a longboard contest at LA GRISE RIDE 2 in Lille!

Longboarding Days & Nights – Camp in Portugal

Wanna (learn how to) skate and dance with Kate Voynova and Valeriya in Portugal?

CONTEST: Skateface of the year 2017 wanted!

Hey Folks, the whole year we have been amazed by your awesome trick tips, incredible pics and the biggest support we could have ever imagined.

But now we thought it’s time to switch the focus from your rad tricks, spectacular slides and swift dance steps to something different – your skateface!

We are looking for your rad skills and footage.
So we ask all girls and women to enter their latest dance/ freestyle video!

It will be judged in sponsored and non-sponsored classes.

1st – Custom-Majutsu-Dancer of Choice
2nd – Majutsu-S*pin-Xmas-Package
3rd – Majutsu-S*pin-Xmas-Package

1st – Custom-Majutsu-Dancer 120cm
2nd – Majutsu-S*pin-Xmas-Package
3rd – Majutsu-S*pin-Xmas-Package

We ask for
– 1-2min video
– including freestyle and dancing
– new video, at least of the year 2017
– video must been sent to in high quality via WeTransfer or TransferNow
– deadline 24th of December, 12:00pm, CET
– you and your filmer/editor should be fine that the videos will be posted on the Majutsu and/or S*pin accounts

Dineke Cornelissen at Camp Woodwings

Dineke about her improvement at the camp, see her first raw run with Elena!

Lyde Beuge at Kozakov challenge 2016

Have you already seen Lyde Begue’s latest raw run from Kozakov 2016? Check it out and watch it in HD! 

Film: Mikel Echegaray Diez

IDF WOMEN – JENNY SCHAUERTE – From Fashion Week to DIY Jewelry

Our Đineke Cornelissen started a new series – with interviews with some rad and pretty fast downhill girls! Come and read her first article and interview she did with Jenny Schauerte!

S*pin TrickTips: One Foot Manual BS No Comply Nollie Shuvit Out with Katarzyna Hajdan

We are super happy to have Katarzyna Hajdan from Warsaw on our TricktTip-board! She shows you the One Foot Manual BS No Comply Nollie Shuvit Out – What a long name! But probably the name is more difficult than the trick – Have fun!

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016

The GRRRLS* can skate crew just published their video of the GRRRLS* Skate Fest! What a beautiful memory of summer, three days days full of skating with GRRRLS* from all over from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

VIDEO: Amanda’s new video »Desert Dogs«

Check out Amanda Powell’s new video, if you haven’t already. Amanda, Dane and Bixby the great explored a little Alabama Foothills! Sweet!

So this is what S*pin is mainly about – helping, supporting, inspiring eachother!

Support Candy Dungan, to go for the 2017 Women’s World Championship in Downhillskateboarding.
She still needs some help to accomplish it. It is a all-or-nothing-campaign and every support helps, so go and see how you can support her.

MUSIC: Playlist on Spotify

Do you already know our playlist on Spotify? Feel free to put your favorite skate songs to share!

TRICKTIPS: Nose manual to Tail manual with Yuna

We are super proud to present you a new Tricktip clip in our Tricktip-Wednesday collection after a little break! Yuna, our increible master of freestyle shows you the Swedish G-Turn Shuvit


Happy holidays! We have a handmade scarf as a holiday giveaway!
Leave us a comment on our Youtube, Facebook or Instagram why you like S*pin and why S*pin’s work is important – Good luck!

NEW VIDEO: Skate foolish, skate dirty – Yuna Kang

Yuna Kang from South Korea just released her first non-self-edit video presenting her new boards in the vanished streets of Yongin, in the south of Seoul!

TRICKTIPS: Swedish G-Turn Shuvit with Yuna

We are super proud to present you a new Tricktip clip in our Tricktip-Wednesday collection after a little break! Yuna, our increible master of freestyle shows you the Swedish G-Turn Shuvit

MEDIA: French Girls Going Down

18th December 2016 – 20:00

French riders Marjorie RomeoLyde Begue and Anne Poursin went down an super epic road in the south of France and AJ Médias made an rad edit of it for the Longboard Girls Crew!

MEDIA: Cash+David Music Video

16th December 2016 – 08:30

Great message, great skating, great song, great video!

VIDEO: Derek Blanquer & Lisa Peters – La Vall D'ebo Raw Run

9th December 2016 – 17:00

Lisa Peters from the Netherlands visited with her boyfriend Sven Lieve the south of Spain, somewhere in-between Valencia and Alicante, well known for their nice hills and downhill spots. Sven captured one run of Lisa and the local skater and BAMBAM Pucks team buddy Derek Blanquer! Check out their fun and fast raw run, over 8 and a half minutes!

Learn the Walk the Plank

STEPTIONARY: The Walk the Plank

9th December 2016 – 12:00

In our weekly steptionary we show you the walk the plank – Enjoy! For regular check our Facebook or YouTube!💕
Follow S*pin on YouTube for weekly updates!

EXPERIENCES: Enjoying nature and getting myself back in America

Text by Dineke Cornelissen – 8 th of Devcember 2016 – 16:00

Đineke shared with us her experiences of her trip to the US how she came closer to herself through skating and nature.

EXPERIENCES: Feel the fear and do it anyways

Text by Lorenza D. Walker – 27th of November 2016 – 14:15

Lorenza D. Walker put something into words, that most people don’t like to talk openly about – about having breakdowns, meltdowns, anxiety attacks – having hard times. She tells us about hers and how to celebrate being a sensitive person and how it makes us stronger! Sensitive words by a strong women – Proud! Thanks for sharing it with us – We need more of these open statements!

EVENT / EXPERIENCES: Girls reunion in London – Hogtoberfest

Text by Maria Arndt / Photos by Maria Arndt and some Unicorns – 4th of November 2016 – 13:00

After the most recent Women’s Longboard Camp Freeride held in France, in August, all of the girls that attended were still pretty much high on stoke. They didn’t like the idea that the season was almost over. So they decided to meet in London for the Hogtoberfest again and gathered from so different places in Europe!

S*pin TrickTip: G-Turn to Pivot with Josefine

2nd of November 2016 – 10:03

Josefine aka Frau Blume shows you the G-Turn to Pivot! Sweet!

EXPERIENCES: First time attending a freeride – Wallonhill

Text by Maria Arndt / Photos by Holger Schnepp – 30th of October 2016 – 18:30

Part II of Maria’s progress in downhill skateboarding: She attended her first freeride event at Wallonhill and wrote about her experience, stoke, how she pushed her personal limits and how she found out how important it is to be proud of yourself and your own progress. So read the second part of her shared experiences in freeriding.

MEDIA: New video of Kate Voynova

Text by Maria / Video by Timur Totev – 28th of October 2016 – 11:30

Have you already seen the new video of Kate from Moscow? Watch it – its super beautiful to see her smooth style!

Heelside Slideshuvit

26th of October 2016 – 12:00

Yuna shows you how to do the Heelside Slideshuvit


12th of October 2016 – 12:00

Giulia shows us her technique of a Truckstand

EVENT: Outlaw Fun – UggaBugga

Text by Lorenza D. Walker / Photos by Herman Ottesen and Adrian Jancey – 10th of October 2016 – 11:30

Yesterday the last UggaBugga Outlaw was held in Sande, Norway. Lorenza D. Walker attended and wrote a few lines for S*pin about it!

Motivative stoke on the hill – first time freeriding

6th of Oktber 2016 – Article by Maria Arndt

Spending a few days in France Maria decided to overcome her fear and skated her first big road! Read her experience at

Cross Legged Lady Killer with Yuna Kang

5th of Oktber 2016

It’s TrickTip-Wednesday! Our Yuna shows you a new trick from her awesome, increible repertoir – the Cross Legged Lady Killer!

Sheffield sisterhood get skating – Girl Skate Session in Sheffield (UK)

4th of Oktber 2016 – Text by Louise Taylor / Photos by Tom Brown

»Sheffield University Skate Society is a UK based crew … The focus of the Girl Skate event is to encourage women to come along and skate like a girl. We admire how groups like Longboard Girls Crew and S*pin Skate have progressed skating and we share the view in supporting girl skate culture.«

The 10º Aniversario 40sk8 in Madrid

The 10º Aniversario 40sk8 in Madrid

Text by Sonso Masiá / Photos by Daniel De Andres Jimenez and In-Gravity roller&skate shop – 4th of October 2016 – 14:30

»40sk8 is a forum spanish skate-longboard page created when facebook didn’t even exist. Ten years ago the few skaters in the scene searched in this platform for info, spots and people to skate with…«

28th of September 2016 – Text by Dineke Cornelissen and Maria Arndt / Photos by Holger Schnepp

»The WALLONHILL Indian Summer Freeride was a perfect end of a beautiful skate season. Great weather, a lot of stoked, happy faces, new or experienced, on a chill, beautiful track in Houyet, Belgium!

Women’s Longboard Camp
– vive la France!

8th of September 2016 – Text by Annina Brühwiler

The third Women’s Longboard Camp this year happened in August in France, all focused on freerding. There were women from all over Europe, some came from Vienna, London, Hamburg or the Netherlands to France. All participants arrived at this women’s longboard camp with the same simple goals: to skate among girls, to improve their skills and to have a lot of fun. To conclude, all targets were achieved.

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016
29th of July 2016

We are super happy and stoked to announce that the GRRRLS* Skate Fest is going to happen in September 2016! For three days, from friday 16th to sunday 18th, there will be action on and around the Kesselbrink in Bielefeld! The GRRRLS* can skate-team wants to invite you all cordially to come along for a weekend full of action, fun, love, courage, music, new ideas and simply a wonderful time!

S*pin TrickTip: Coleman with Fee

27th of July 2016
We are pretty stoked to present the first Slide-S*pin-TrickTip to you! Fee shows you how to do the Coleman back at the Womens Longboard Camp in Portugal! Thanks for your support!
Check the next Women’s Longboard Camp X Woodwings Freeride Camp in France in August 2016!

Minju & Dasol

Text by Yuna Kang – 26 th of July 2016

New video of Dasol Jung and Minju Ji from South Korea

Women’s Longboard Camp 2016 – Stuttgart

 Text by Fee Bücheler – 20 th of July 2016

Video release of the Women’s Longboard Camp Basic 2016 in Stuttgart.  Film and Edit by Alexander Dietrich / Root Longboards

Fee also talks also about the past years of the Camp

S*pin TrickTip: Kickflip with Nadya

Film / Edit by S*pin / Maria Arndt – 20 th of July 2016

16-year old Nadya Doerga from Zwolle showed us at the Mannheim Longboard Open 2016 how to do the Kickflip! Enjoy!

TMI Lilyhammer 2016

Text by Lorenza D. Walker – 17 th of July 2016

Lillehammer, a small town by Norways largest lake, was bombarded with skaters from all over the world. Right beside the infamous skijump from 1994’s winter olympic, boys and girls where gonna reach speeds up to 90 km/h…

Girls of TMI Lilyhammer 2016
Gif by Mina NW

S*pin TrickTip Wednesday: Outside No Comply 360 with Yuna

Our Yuna, the trickmashine gives you a closer look on the Outside No Comply 360.

Follow our YouTube Channel for all upcoming TrickTips and Steptionary-Clips! 🙂

Film: Seungho Song
Edit: S*pin / Maria Arndt

Yuna Kang accepted the 100 Tricks Challenge

We all already know Yuna as the trick machine! But this video really sums it up how much she is ABSOLUTLY killing it…!! 

GRRRLS* can skate exposition the University of Bielefeld

GRRRLS * can skate is a self-organized working group from Bielefeld supporting girls* and women* in skating, on the skateboards AND longboards… 

Last week they did an exposition in the old post office in the University of Bielefeld, showing their work of the past two years…

Candy Dungan – New video

First if you haven’t seen the latest video of Candy Dungan, make sure you do! That video gives you goosebumps! She slays Colorado’s finest and reaches speeds…

S*pin-Weekend #1 in Bielefeld

In the end of april Carolina, Deborah Keser, Isabell, Jennifer, Frau Blume, Maria and Xenia met up in Bielefeld, Germany to dedicate a whole weekend of skating together and having a stunning time – the first little S*pin-Weekend!

Mannheim Longboard Open 2016

Last weekend the first Mannheim Longboard Open took place at the FRANKLIN-Mannheim, an old military base. Unfortunately the weather turned out pretty rainy, but the organizer twins…

S*pin-Weekend #1 – Teaser

In the end of april Caro, Debbie, Isabell, Jenni, Josefine, Maria and Xenia met up in Bielefeld, Germany to dedicate a whole weekend of skating together and …

S*pin TrickTip: No Comply Big Heel Flip with Kim

Punkrock Kim Klunder shows you how to do the  No Comply Big Heel Flip!