TMI Lilyhammer 2016

Text by Lorenza D. Walker – 17 th of July 2016

Lillehammer, a small town by Norways largest lake, was bombarded with skaters from all over the world. Right beside the infamous skijump from 1994’s winter olympic, boys and girls where gonna reach speeds up to 90 km/h in to three slidey lefties and 2 rightie sweepers. This year girls, 11 girls from over 8 countries joined and it was AWESOME! On friday it was freerides all day, so people could get comfy with the track. The asphalt was smooooth all the way down and it was almost grippier with scrubbies. Sun shone all day and we got 10 freerides in total. Supersick! Good vibes all day. People where lurking on the home made camp by the start line or but the hotell by the bottom of the hill. Everybody was eating the hotell breakfast though, hehe. Saturday was doomed with rain and the weatherrapport was making people nervous. But in Norway, you never know until it happens.For the warm up it was patchy as fudge but things dried fast. Peeps got a dry warm up at last, but after half of the time trials, the drops of doom started flowing. So we waited it out.

Girls of TMI Lilyhammer 2016
Gif by Mina NW

Everybody got a dry time trial, but in the end it didn’t matter because the timing system hadn’t been turned on properly. Bummer! So brackets where made by your last years ranking in the idf and your idf number. Sunday emerged and the weather was promising it to be dry. Even after the sad news about the timing system, people got geared and stoked up, trying to rip the track as aero as possible anyways! So many ladies where on fire this year, but Emily Pross’ecutor took the win in the ladies, while Lyde Begue took second and Jenny Schauerte, 3’rd. Cassandra Duchesne was looking good, in second but scrubbed out the last leftie, to get 4th! Hope to see more girls next and the same amount of stoke!

Results of the IDF TMI Lillyhammer 2016 WC



Women Skateboard Final

1. Emily Pross
2. Lyde Begue
3. Jennifer Schauerte
4. Cassandra Duchesne


Junior Skateboard Final

1. Edward Kiefer
2. Tristan Carrillo
3. Jesse Martin
4. Vojta Zacek


Open Skateboard Final

1. Adam Persson
2. Alex Charleson
3. Mauritz Armfeld
4. Max Ballesteros


Masters Skateboard final

1. Pete Connolly
2. Cedric Cornell
3. Jakub Rod
4. Irra Cameselle Esperón

Written by
Lorenza D. Walker

Lorenza D. Walker