Longboarding Days & Nights comes back in 2019

Text by Valeriya Gogunskaya – 29th of January 2019 – 13:30

After three successful editions of Longboard Camp in Portugal in 2018, Longboarding Days & Nights comes back with four camps in Portugal and a special edition in Morocco for this year. Eight pro-riders, epic skate spots, surfing and delicious food, but most importantly – all this enjoyed in a company of people who share a passion for longboarding.

A longboard camp is a great opportunity for riders of any level: beginners will build a solid technical base, while confident riders can learn new tricks and fine-tune their style. With only 12 participants for every camp, each is guaranteed to get a personalized guiding from the instructors and thus progress faster!

By participating in the camp, you also contribute to “Pushing Forward” – a small initiative of Longboarding Days & Nights that aims to give back to the community by offering longboard lessons to those who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

So if you’re interested, check out their website!

Camp in May 2019 with Marijn Floris Smit and Philipp Baumann in Portugal

Camp in June with Pablo Nicieza​ and Cande Toledo in Portugal

Camp in December with Abou in Morocco


Valeriya Gogunskaya

Valeriya, 26, originally from Russia.
Moved to Finland for studies at the age of 18.
Started longboarding by myself in 2015 in Finland.
Since 2015 lives in Portugal.
Passionate about longboarding, books, languages and food.
Founder of Longboarding Days and Nights – the first community in Portugal dedicated to longboard dancing & freestyle.

A strong believer we can make the world a better place by doing what we love.

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