The first contest by Ophel


It was my very first contest. I was terrified actually. Iam not use to be seen by a lot of people in my little town. So the fact that I had to ride in front of everybody and be judged… scared me. Actually, I knew there would be many riders from the Parisian Docksession so I felt a bit more confident. I live in Champagne-Ardenne in France and I joined the Parisian Docksession one year ago. And it was the same story when I got there for the first time. I was scared to ride with a lot of people and meet new people but now…they became my family.

Then the Day-D arrived, and the experience began! The atmosphere was CRAZY, the energy was huge. Everyone knew everyone in one way or another.

Ophel in Lille Photo by Cécile Orlandi

So, at the qualifications, I passed last and so I was alone in a run that was planed for two. What could be worse for me than this at that moment? Haha a nice guy got volunteer to ride with me (so cute!). Well, my 1st run got me to the semi-qualifications, my 2nd run got me to the finals. And when I heard my name, I first said „What the fudge?“. Between us, I wasn’t ready at all. I seriously didn’t expect that. For the finals we had the possibility to give our own music for our run. Guess what… I seriously didn’t know what to give and I was so stressed so Lou Baro suggested me a song that could fit me. And it worked So I guess my 3rd run was pure improvisation on a shaking body. But I achieved my goals on that week-end! I met incredible people, I overcame my fear and I had so much FUN! And it gave me the desire to learn more and more. Plus each girls was soooo amazing and incredibly talented!

Ophel at S*pin’s Women Compilation of La Grise Ride 2


About Ophel

Ophel comes from Champange-Ardenne, near Paris. 2017 she joined the Docksession Paris for the first time and ever since the Docksession ist her Longboard Family!

»I started longboarding almost 2 years ago. But I’m a huge lover of surf. Longboarding really changed my life and my point of views. I practice Muay Thai for 3 years and I participate contests since this year. So 2018 is a big year to me. Both sports really completes each other’s«

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Ophel's Dance Setup

Deck  Majutsu Buto Odori Carbon Version / Eternity Longboard 116cm

Trucks    Paris truck V2 Satin Blue 180mm

Wheels   Orangatang, 86a

Bearings   abec5

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