The 10º Aniversario 40sk8 in Madrid

Text by Sonso Masiá / Photos by
Daniel De Andres Jimenez and In-Gravity roller&skate shop – 4th of October 2016 – 14:30

40sk8 is a forum spanish skate-longboard page created when facebook didn’t even exist. Ten years ago the few skaters in the scene searched in this platform for info, spots and people to skate with. 10 years of an amazing and useful page that we celebrated yesterday with such a fun event. With dancing, hippie jump and longboard cross among other funny oldschool style competitions.

It was amazing to see people from the “old times”, mythical riders and feel the old school vibes.

Silvia, Sonso and Adriana Photo: Daniel De Andres Jimenez
Photo: Daniel De Andres Jimenez

Sadly there weren’t many female participants but it was great to see some known faces of the spanish scene.

Dancing competition was Cande’s from the beginning, and not because of lack of competitors. Cande Toledo Baeza is a beast, stylish and technical.

Longboard Cross was exciting, one competition that mixes many skateboarding disciplines in one. Silvia and Adriana, great slalom skaters were there to show how it is done; me (Sonso), well,  it was my very first time and it was very scary at the beginning but great fun at the end. After 3 runs of racing, Silvia took the deserved first prize and Adriana seemed like she was going to go for the second place, she is young, light and she is really good, so  good pumping! But she felt on the banked turn and I took an unexpected set of wheels home.

Photo: In-Gravity roller&skate shop

Thanks to the organizers for all the effort, the event was just perfect. If i could make a wish for the 15th anniversary, is to see all those old faces again and to get more “grrrrls” to participate.


Results of the 10º Aniversario 40sk8 in Madrid

Longboard Cross Open
1. Guille Salvá
2. Rodrigo (Toti Bicicleta)  Martinez
3. Oscar Archivaldo Rodriguez
4. Nacho (Caribbean) Muñoz

Longboard Cross Women
1. Silvia Menéndez
2. Sonso Masiá
3. Adriana Fernández Llopis

Participante más joven
Leo Fernandez Llopis

Best Freestyle-Longboard-Dance Girl
Cande Toledo Baeza

Best Freestyle-Longboard-Dance guy
Alex Merino

Best G-turn
Nil Bellmunt

Best Trick
Alberto Heavyskater

Longest Nose Manual
Eloi Apostol Pujol Ribalta

Hippie jump 1’40 m
Chano Sebastian

Thanks for the photos Daniel De Andres Jimenez  and  In-Gravity roller&skate shop


Written by Sonso Masiá

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