Outlaw Fun – UggaBugga

Text by Lorenza D. Walker / Photos by Herman Ottesen and Adrian Jancey – 10th of October 2016 – 11:30

Yesterday the last UggaBugga Outlaw  was held in Sande, Norway. Since early May the Ugga Crew has held 10 different outlaws at 10 different spots around the eastcoast of Norway, with different types of hills for skills. Between 10-20 competitors show up and it can be between 1-3 girls amongst them. Sande is one of the spots that is most popular for outlaws, because it’s a mellow dh run where it all comes down to tuck and go.

Lorenza D. Walker followed by Peter Tandersson and Marius Tjorgensen Photo: Herman Ottesen

At arrival it was all wet and the people where a bit nervous to go down. We waited a bit until we couldn’t anymore. The cool norwegian winds dried the run up and soon we where hitting the hill for warm up runs. And you really had to warm up, because the wind was merciless and cold to the bone. We didn’t have a tailwind, so you had to hold that tuck to even be in the running. There where both old and new faces, but all of them had rosy cheeks.

Cedric Cornell right behind Linn Andersson Photo: Herman Ottesen
Lorenza tucking at the outlaw – GoPro footage: Adrian Jancey
Mina Westli – GoPro footage: Adrian Jancey

We were 3 girls and we placed in the top 8 out of 16 contenders. It was so fun to see Linn Andersson in the finals and placing 3rd. Mina Westli placed 6th and I, 8th. The boys where kind of dumbfounded and happily surprised to find us right behind them and even passing them. But mostly they where stoked and it was a breath of fresh air to see a girl on the podium and more sneaking up on the scoreboard.

Written by Lorenza D. Walker

Lorenza D. Walker

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