GRRRLS Skate Fest 2016

Text s by Maria Arndt – 1th of January 2017

The GRRRLS* can skate crew just published their video of the GRRRLS* Skate Fest! What a beautiful memory of summer, three days days full of skating with GRRRLS* from all over from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

In September GRRRLS* can skate organized the second GRRRLS* Skate Fest at Bielefeld’s Kesselbrink. Three days full of skating and enjoying time together. It started with a meet-up BBQ to get connected and get to know each other, regardless of skateboarding or longboarding or any other boundaries.

On Saturday after a couple of warmup session in the rain and trying to dry the concrete street skate part, the showcase started. Over 20 GRRRLS* showed their skills in their discipline Street, the wooden Skatepark or Longboard Dancing and Freestyle. It was a blast to see so many GRRRLS* grabbing their board and see them just enjoying the showcase skating together (that was intended to be not a contest to leave any competition behind).


Due to the bad weather the Mini-FUN-Contest needed to be canceled, it was planned to be a little event where every participant of the GRRRLS* Skate Fest felt invited to be part of regardless of any skill level, just to have fun and get connected.

Even if the weather on Saturday interrupted the Skate Fest, it was no real reason to not continue having an awesome time with a bunch of cool skater from all of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria!

After a little break at the free accommodation, where over 30 Skater stayed over the weekend, the Skate Fest continued with a little after show party in the skate bar Gegenüber next to the Kesselbrink.

The Sunday started fresh with a couple of fully booked out workshops for beginner of skateboarding and Longboarding and also a Longboard Dancing workshop for advanced skater. So in the end there were over 50 new stoked GRRRLS* skater, from young to old!

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Film: Daniel Polle, Carolina Kaes
Song: Gurr – Breathless; Album: In My Head; Duchess Box Records 2016

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GRRRLS* can skate was founded 2014 as  a self-organized group, that want question social certainties and break constraints, so that people can live and love independently and that organizes events and supports / practices emancipatory girl*/women* work by skateboarding.

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Maria is a graphic designer and photographer and started the photo project Girls in Longboarding 2014 and S*pin 2015, she’s also co-founded GRRRLS* can skate, organizes with her crew the GRRRLS* Skate Fest in Bielefeld and is a part of the Women’s Longboard Camp.

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