Women’s Longboard Camp 2016 – Stuttgart

Text by Fee Bücheler – 20 th of July 2016 – 19:00

For many people it's merely an event. For me and the crew, it's been a constant work in progress over the last five years.

Which is probably exactly why it fascinates me being able to review two camps taking place during the same year on film now. Actually, there is something really fascinating about the Women’s Longboard Camp in general, at least for me…
Months of preparation and hard work which then culminate in this magical world turning into reality for a brief moment in time. I often think back to the first WLC in Slovenia in 2012. It was an idea, a master plan as I like to call it. We did not know if it was going to work out or not. It would have been impossible without the KnK crew’s damn good infrastructure. By now, the crew is a tightly knit team, everybody knows what they have to do and generally things go pretty swimmingly.

Each year, the camp takes another step forward with our experiences as well as our lifestyle. The event has taken the crew to Slovenia, France, Germany and Portugal. Next stop will be France this August. It’s going to be an epic week of enchanted awesomeness and I cannot wait to see all those sparkling eyes…and after that? We will see!

Thank you to the entire crew, every single woman who has taken part in our events to date and the countless sponsors who keep encouraging us to carry on by believing in us and by giving practical support by providing us with gear.

Maria’s comment about the Camp

2014 I took part in the Camp in Stuttgart and two years later I already became a part of the team. Every time, from both sides it’s incredibly beautiful to see so many different girls and women from all skill levels come together to skate, from all over the world, see them grow together and push each other to the their limits in order to break through them. So many women enjoyed the atmosphere of the camp so much, that they needed to come back to Stuttgart after Portugal in March and now already can’t wait for the upcoming Freeride Camp in France!


Free ride Camp 2016

If you want to join the next Women’s Longboard Camp

in 13. August – 19. August 2016 in Aillon-Le-Vieux, Rhone-Alpes, France

The first ever WLC was a longboarding camp scheduled around a freeride. Our mission was to teach you the necessary skills to get down a pretty challenging hill safely and in one piece, while having a hell of a rad ride in the process.

Freeriding is still at the core of WLC and the crew, and we’re super stoked to be bringing you a special WLC freeride edition this summer. To make this happen, we have teamed up with the awesome Woodwings team who will be hosting us for the week. You can expect plenty of freeride action as well as the usual basic skills workshops, dancing and slalom moves for those among you who prefer a mellower pace and flow. To top it all off, we’ll have a miniramp on site.

Please visit us at http://hello9397.wix.com/wlcfreeride for full details and ro sign up. As always spaces are limited, so don’t miss out and register today!

Time to get rad ladies – Vive la France!

Women’s Longboard Camp


Written by
Fee Bücheler

Fee founded 2012 the Women’s Longboard Camp.

The world according to Fee mainly consists of skating with
a pinch of 
nature for good measure. It’s a lifestyle of travelling
and skating that makes her tick and she loves to share this
feeling with
 like-minded people and those who wish to discover
the mentality
of a skateboarding nomad. She firmly believes
in women in 
boardsports and can’t wait to rock this camp!

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