S‘Pin: S*pin TrickTip: Coleman with Fee
We are pretty stoked to present the first Slide-S*pin-TrickTip to you! Fee shows you how to do the Coleman back at the Womens Longboard Camp in Portugal! Thanks for your support!
Check the next Women’s Longboard Camp X Woodwings Freeride Camp in France in August 2016!


Fee founded 2012 the Women’s Longboard Camp.

The world according to Fee mainly consists of skating with
a pinch of 
nature for good measure. It’s a lifestyle of travelling
and skating that makes her tick and she loves to share this
feeling with
 like-minded people and those who wish to discover
the mentality
of a skateboarding nomad. She firmly believes
in women in 
boardsports and can’t wait to rock this camp!


Filmed by Alexander Dietrich / Edit by S*pin / Maria Arndt 

Fee’s Setup

Deck   Sector 9 Minidaisy

Trucks   Gullwing Reverse

Wheels  Sector 9 Butterballs

Fee’s Sponsors


Sector 9

Fee’s social media

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