Shred Expo 2018

Text and photos by Shred Expo– 12th of January 2018

Location: Tapetenwerk, Lindenau Leipzig, DE

Date: January 25-27, 2018


About the Show

For the first time in Leipzig, Germany we proudly present to you “Shred-Expo 2018”!

With the ever growing popularity of the board sports today such as skateboarding and long-boarding; Shred-Expo 2018 will feature and debut today’s hottest and top brands in high quality riding equipment and apparels, but most importantly bringing local shops, brands, and our riding community together. The expo features over 40 exhibition booths of hard goods and apparel, an art exhibition featuring 20 board and local artists, a full line-up of special events which includes a “Mini-Ramp Jam” and demos by today’s top local, amateur, and pro riders.

Shred-Expo is the first of its kind convention in Leipzig city that focus mainly on skateboarding and long-boarding sport.

4 wheels, 2 trucks, and 1 board are what makes these two sports have so much in common.

The purpose of the expo is to bring more awareness of the sports to more people, display the true art and beauty behind why we risk life and limps to do what we love.

Shred Expo will provide our B2B Affiliates an opportunity to introduce and present their brands. Shred Expo is a chance to connect our riding and non-riding communities together so we can help make a difference in bettering our surrounding but most importantly, for our children’s children.
“By the Riders, For the Riders!”

First ever in Leipzig Germany, Shred Expo will be utilize as the crossroad platform into the European and International market for brands to introduce and present skateboarding and long-boarding today’s hottest products. It’s an opportunity where local and international Business-to-Business (B2B) can really work with one another to further spread the awareness and love of the board sports to its audiences. It is also open for the general public to enjoy in looking for their next new sport equipment, save some cash with the expo’s exclusive sales offer on high quality riding gears, and meet your favorite brand team riders and board artists.

Shred-Expo motto is simply “For the Riders, By the Riders” and anything that does not associate with riding like politics and capitalism are out the door. We just want to ride, live, enjoy what we do and help make a difference in our riding communities worldwide along the way. After the many negative experiences and feedback’s by the business owners/exhibitors at the recent well-known International Sports Expo in Munich which are held annually, many felt that the boarding communities was not welcomed maybe by the event organizer themselves, a certain other non-boarding sport associations, and/or even by the local authorities with endless ID harassment, in-lawful detainment of some exhibitors themselves for lack of proper ID and other ridiculous excuse they may have. Which ultimately made many business owners/exhibitors think twice about further participation in any future expo event with them and to add; the high cost of rental exhibition spaces alone would make any mom and pops brand bankrupt before they even start.


Why Leipzig city? Why not?!?! Demographically it’s located near the heart of Germany and was once believed to be “the crossroads of the country in buying and trading back in the days. Today with nearly 600,000 inhabitants and 10th most populated cities in Germany, Leipzig’s cultures, sports and arts scene are gaining some attention throughout the world. With over hundreds of thousands visitors annually to the friendly city and home to some of the top auto manufacturing facility in the industry such as BMW and Porsche to name a few, it’s no wonder Leipzig has been nicknamed as the “Boom-town of eastern Germany”. Hope with the outcome of Shred Expo, Leipzig city can become the next “Boom-town” in Germany but for skateboarding and long-boarding.

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