Who’s behind?

Maria Arndt


In 2014 I founded the photo project Girls in Longboarding, because I was so impressed of skating girls that I looked for but only barely found. I decided to meet more girls and women to photograph them with their passion for the longboard sport and create a platform for that to empower the girls scene by creating and showing new role models.

2014 I also co-founded GRRRLS * can skate is a self-organized working group from Bielefeld supporting girls* and women* in skating, on the skateboards AND longboards. Since its establishment in 2014 they focus on women, lesbian, trans* inter in skating combining its theory and practice to encourage more women* to conquer the sport, become active, and to follow a passion, although the society says otherwise! With creating safe places, role models and giving them more visibility the GRRRLS* dedicate their work to break gender stereotypes.

By the end of my studies I made the decision to bring all my passions together and create a female focused longboard magazine, S*pin with the role models so many girls and women are looking for to get into the sport.

Since February I am also a part of the Women’s Longboard Camp, mainly responsible for social media, design and photos.

If you have any question write my an E-Mail!

Maria’s Dancing Setup

Deck   Custom made by TD Longboards

Trucks   180mm Cast Precision .V2 Kahalani 50°

Bushings board side    Riptide WFB 83a Barrels

Bushings road side    90a Venom Barrels

Wheels   Mini Ozone 65mm 80a

Bearings   Reds


Maria’s Freeride Setup

Deck   Loaded Tesseract

Trucks    180mm Caliber 44°

Bushings    Blood Orange and Sabre

Wheels   Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs 70mm 78a

Bearings    Reds

Pucks    Ojoom Pucks

Helmet    TSG Pass


social media

Girls in Longboarding social media

GRRRLS* can skate social media