Skate foolish, skate dirty – Yuna Kang

Text by Maria Arndt – 21st of December 2016 – 18:00

New video of trickmachine Yuna Kang from Daejeon, South Korea

Yuna Kang from South Korea just released her first non-self-edit video presenting her new Aldous and Jeffrey, with the new sweet graphic by UNTAY and shows off what’s possible!


Dancing Yuna Screenshot: SKATE Foolish CLIP
Dancing Yuna Screenshot: SKATE Foolish CLIP
Screenshot: SKATE Foolish CLIP
Screenshot: SKATE Foolish CLIP

In the vanished streets of Yongin, in the south of Seoul, SKATE Foolish CLIP captured her and incredible skate skills. Of cause the video shows just fractional amount of her great repertoire from intense freestyle tricks to dancing to different freeride tricks, but it already really shows all her passion and her love for her boards and all it’s possiblities and her thirst for complex skate techniques! Bigspin, Slide Shuvit, Tail Whip, Outside No Comply 360, are just a few to name!

Dasilva 2016 Aldous

Length: 102 cm / 40.25″
Width: 24.25 cm / 9.5″
Wheel Base: 58-63.5 cm / 22.85″-25″
Available in medium flex and stiff

Dasilva 2016 Jeffrey

Length: 42.5″
Width: 9.5″
Wheel Base: 28″

Yunas's Setup

Deck   DaSilva Jeffrey and DaSilva Aldous

Trucks  Kahalani 


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Written by
Maria Arndt

Maria is a graphic designer and photographer and started the photo project Girls in Longboarding 2014 and S*pin 2015, she’s also co-founded GRRRLS* can skate and is a part of the Women’s Longboard Camp.

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