Contest: Skateface

CONTEST: Skateface of the year 2016 wanted!

Hey Folks,

the whole year we have been amazed by your awesome trick tips, incredible pics and the biggest support we could have ever imagined.

But now we thought it’s time to switch the focus from your rad tricks, spectacular slides and swift dance steps to something different – your skateface! 

Everybody knows it, that stupid face you make whilst doing a shuvit, that grimace you’re pulling during your heelside slide. We want to see your best, weirdest or funniest one to find the skate face of 2016. To enter the contest upload your photo on your instagram, hashtag it #skatefaceoftheyear2016 and #spinskate and with a little bit of luck your face will be awarded “SKATEFACE OF THE YEAR 2016”.

The deadline for submission is on January 17th 2017, 23:59:00, UTC+01:00. Then the chosen judges will preselect three pics, which will be posted on instagram, that you can like for one day until the pic with the most likes on January 18st 2017, will be crowned as the winner. The winner gets a sweet surprise packages send!

The only rule: no staged photos. Show us your natural skate face. For more info see the rules and regulation!


Good luck, everybody.